Car Insurance

Choosing the right car insurance is crucial to keep you and your car safe on the road against any accident or damage.

Having the right car insurance guarantees your safety behind the wheel. From car damage to hit-and-run accident or theft, it’s of high importance to keep your car covered and be prepared if an accident really happens.
At Carolina Shield, we leverage premium car insurance with individual service to provide you with the best insurance possible. Our professional agents will work with you face-to-face to choose a policy that will keep you and your drivers covered at all cost – for more confident driving assurance.

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    As your reliable source of car insurance, Carolina Shield offers a range of insurance options and some extra protection options, such as:
    - Liability Coverage- Comprehensive Coverage- Collision Coverage- Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage- Diminishing Deductible- Accident Forgiveness- Minor Violation Forgiveness- Roadside Assistance- Specialty Auto Insurance- 24-Hour Customer Service- Auto Towing- Rental Reimbursement- Personal Injury Protection (PIP)- Medical Payments Coverage

Why Car Insurance?

An accident without car insurance may be tough on your wallet, resulting in liability for injuries or endless lawsuits.
Keeping your car insured is just the best thing you can do, and this is an important financial decision that you cannot drive without. Car Insurance can help reduce or fully cover the cost of property damage, damaged parts, medical charges for injuries, roadside towing, and much more. Policies may vary depending on protection options, which is why it is wise to hire an InSure agency expert for a personalized policy to match your needs.
We provide car insurance to drivers all over the country.